Friday, August 28, 2009


Just to show how well coupons work, I thought I'd post my Meijer trip today. I got all this for $24 and I will tell you why that is such a great deal!
I bought: 6 Lysol Duel Action Wipes (FREE!), 10 Gatorades, 5 Propels (FREE!), 4 12-pack Coke Products, 1 pack 500 napkins, and 1 double roll paper towels.
Now, the Lysols would have been $16.62 had I paid regular price. The Propels would have been $5.45. My savings right there is $22. 07! The soft drinks were only $2.48 a pack. That is a bargain for TAB! I don't normally use that brand of paper towels, but they were on clearance and since we have been using Halloween pumpkin paper towels for the past week, I thought I'd try them. Plus, it said I would save a million trees if I bought that brand, so good karma and all......


  1. Your high-ness-es:
    Can you tell me specifically how you got the lysol wipes for free?
    Was it a coupon that said "FREE" or was it $1.00 off and they were on sale for $1.00 at the store? I just don't get it.
    Signed: Confused in Louisiana

  2. Dear Confused in Louisiana,
    The sale was 2 Lysols for $3. I had 6 manufacture coupons (Sunday paper coupons)for $1 off. Meijer, a grocery chain up here, has a website with their own coupons as well. The Meijer coupon was for $1 off 2. Meijer will let you stack, or combine, their coupons with manufacture coupons. By stacking my q's, I was able to get all 6 for free. A very good deal!
    Thanks for the question! I wish you had a Meijer down your way!
    What is your grocery store of choice?