Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love rebates! What better way to get free items? Here is a promotion from Kellogg's that is still going on and you will have to take advantage of. All you have to do is buy 10 Kellogg's items (check the rebate form, but this includes Kellogg's,Keebler,Eggo, Sunshine, MorningStar Farms, and Right Bites). Buy them in one transaction and save your receipt and upc symbols. Go to the Kellogg's "Fuel For School" website here and look in the bottom right hand corner to sign up and download the rebate form. Mail it all in before September 30, 2009. Kellogg's will send you a check for $10.00 along with a $70.00 coupon code from Dell. I am waiting on my check as we speak.
Let me tell you how my transaction went. A few weeks ago, Kroger was running a sale on Eggo and Keebler products. I matched up my coupons and bought 8 packs of various Keebler cookies and 2 Eggo Bakeshop products. After sale and coupons, I paid 49 cents a piece for the Keebler cookies and $1.00 for the Eggos. My out of pocket was $5.92. When all is said and done, after I receive my rebate check, I will have made a profit of $4.08. So, basically, Kroger paid me to take those items off their hands! I never pass up a rebate. I love getting checks in the mail.

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