Wednesday, August 26, 2009


  • Kroger has Hershey's 8 packs on sale this week (8/23-8/30) buy 4 get one free =5 for $5. If you use your Reese's 55 cent coupon from the Smart Source 8/23 insert, this means that you can get an 8 pack of Reese's for 25 cents.
  • TIP: Typically we buy 4-6 papers every Sunday just for the coupons. Trust us-you will more than make up the money you spend on papers. I had 4 Reese's coupons, all of which doubled to $1 at Kroger, so I was able to get five 8-packs of Reese's (YES, 40 Reese's!) for $1. So all in all, I spent .025 cents per Reese's!! PAYING WITH CHANGE!
  • Another screaming deal at Kroger this week is the Chef Michael's dog food. Use the coupons from the Red Plum 8/23 insert to get free and VERY cheap dog food. The 5 ounce bag is free with coupon and the 24 ounce bag is 89 cents! I was able to get 4 free small bags and 4 large bags for 89 cents (because I bought 4 newspapers). Russell will eat well this week! PAYING WITH CHANGE!
  • CVS has a Hershey's deal this week as well. All Hershey's candy bars are on sale 2/$1 (singles). You can use the same Reese's coupon as above and get a Reese's single for free. Now, you do the math....where do you want to use your coupon? PAYING WITH CHANGE!
  • WALGREENS has Reach Prevent toothbrushes, with their in ad coupon, on sale for 99 cents. You can use the $1 coupon from the 8/2 Smart Source combined with the in ad coupon, to get a free toothbrush! Again, multiple papers means a new toothbrush for possibly everyone in your house. PAYING WITH CHANGE!

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